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Hi, I am Vince Kelly – as a father of two young children and having ten years of experience in “real world” stressful careers I know all too well how difficult it can be to find those gaps in the diary to fit exercise and sound nutrition in…let alone find the motivation when the weather is against you and your favourite TV show is on in 10 minutes!  I decided that it was now or never to make a change and pursue my twin passions – fitness and motivating others to make steady, progressive changes in the their lives to reach their goals.  I trained as a Fitness Instructor, then as a Personal Trainer, and established At Life training clients in the North Wiltshire area as well as online (as far a field as Hong Kong!)  If you are that person that has experienced a “yo-yoing” affect either in motivation, nutrition, fitness or, even having achieved a goal, you slip back into a place you’re not as happy with, then please take a few minutes to read on…

It is the ‘personal’ element of Personal Training that makes the service so important. However, with such a wealth of information available on the internet, and with gyms offering competitive rates for membership deals it is tempting to wonder ‘why bother with a personal trainer?’ I would suggest there a few reasons that are worth considering.

First, whilst there are good websites and YouTube channels that offer advice and guidance there are many that provide generic/poor advice that not only waste your precious time that you may spend exercising, but can also be dangerous to your health and wellbeing. A personal trainer undertakes professionally recognised qualifications that put the safety of the client first – as well as providing a personalised training programme and healthy nutrition advice that will ensure clients reach their goals and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Furthermore, personal trainers have a duty to ensure they share their knowledge with you as you train and develop. Understanding why you are doing something will not only help you engage with the process, it will also ensure you continue best practice over the long-term.

Second, gym memberships are great…if you use them! Motivation is, understandably, difficult given the pressures and fatiguing nature of modern life. Before you and I even step in a gym I will talk with you to discuss what you enjoy and what makes you ‘tick’ – I will get you to your goal having enjoyed the process and will offer the support you need to keep you on track! Furthermore, my service includes training at a gym facility so you get ‘hands on’ with the excellent equipment available.

Finally, and what I regard as an often overlooked consideration, is the social and mental wellbeing that utilising a personal trainer has. Having a set time in your week where you focus purely on you and get to engage in enjoyable conversation has a real positive impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing. I regard being happy and content in mind as important as achieving your physical goals.

Thank you for taking the time to read on and, if any of this has struck a chord, then call, email or text and we’ll go from there!

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